love handle fat treatment san diegoExcess fat in the stomach or abdominal region can be frustrating and greatly affect one’s self-esteem. Many patients wonder how they will ever lose stomach fat that is causing them to feel unattractive. Of course, the first step in trying to eliminate excess abdominal fat is through a healthy diet and exercise regimen. For some, however, certain areas just do not respond and the stubborn fat remains. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, our liposuction experts can create an abdominal liposuction treatment plan to address your stubborn fatty areas, remove unwanted fat, and give you the results you want!

What is Abdominal Liposuction?

Abdominal liposuction is the removal of stomach fat through small incisions and specialized instruments called cannulas. Our doctors generally utilize the tumescent liposculpture method because of its many benefits. The tumescent liposculpture procedure involves the use of a special numbing solution that is injected into the abdominal region before the procedure begins. This makes the abdominal liposuction procedure much more comfortable for the patient, and the solution also helps reduce the amount of bleeding experienced.

Once the abdominal liposuction area has been filled with the numbing solution, the doctor will use small cannulas inserted through tiny incisions to suction out the excess, unwanted fat. The doctor will artistically sculpt the area so as to give the patient the most aesthetically pleasing, natural looking result.

Abdominal lipo recovery is relatively easy. Most patients can return to work and start moving around about one week after the stomach lipo is performed, and generally experience just mild discomfort. The compression garment can be removed about 2 weeks after abdominal liposuction treatment, and patients may begin to see some results a few weeks later. Keep in mind, though, that it does take several months for full stomach liposuction results to be evident.

If you are looking for subtle fat reduction for a small area of fat in the stomach, you may be a good candidate for the non-invasive CoolSculpting procedure or non-surgical Liposonix. CoolSculpting and Liposonix can eliminate small amounts of excess fat without a single incision and no downtime!

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Dr. Groff Performs Tumescent Liposculpture for Excess Stomach Fat

Belly Lipo FAQs

It is common to have questions about abdominal liposuction and we here at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology want to answer those questions for you! Take a look at the answers to some frequently asked stomach liposuction questions, and contact our San Diego office for more information.

Q:  How much does midsection fat reduction cost?

A: The cost of abdominal liposuction will depend on the individual treatment plan. We suggest you schedule a consultation with one of our expert stomach lipo physicians so that they can assess your problem areas and develop the fat reduction treatment plan that is right for you. Once you’ve agreed on the best belly reduction treatment option, the cost of the abdominal lipo treatment can be determined.

Q: Do you have belly liposuction before and after pictures?

A: Yes! Please feel free to browse our liposuction before and after photo gallery to see the results we can achieve. If you’d like to remove unwanted fat in San Diego, contact our office to schedule your initial consultation.

Q: How do I prepare for midsection lipoplasty?

A: During your consultation with one of our abdominal liposculpture experts, they will give you detailed pre-op and post-op instructions to ensure you are properly prepared for the fat reduction procedure and the recovery. Always feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

Q: Who should perform abdominal liposculpture? SD Belly Lipo by Expert Dermatologists

A: Lipo treatments should only be performed by an experienced dermatologic surgeon with specialized training in the procedure. Our liposculpture experts have undergone extensive training in liposuction and are well versed in the most cutting-edge liposculpture techniques.

Q: Does the procedure hurt?

A: Our doctors do everything they can to minimize the discomfort experienced during the fat reduction procedure, including utilizing the tumescent method to numb the abdominal lipo treatment area. Patients will experience some discomfort during the healing process. Please discuss any concerns you may have with the abdominal liposuction doctor during your consultation.

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If you are tired of living with that pesky tummy pooch or excess stomach fat making your tee’s just a bit too tight, you may be a candidate for abdominal liposuction to remove unwanted fat. If you have tried to lose the fat stomach through healthy diet and exercise, but can’t shed that last bit of stubborn stomach fat, liposculpture at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology may be just the answer! Contact our office in SD at (858) 365-3623 today to schedule an abdominal liposuction consultation.

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